Bungaroosh, which can also be spelt in different ways such as bungeroosh, bungarouche etc is a style of building construction almost exclusively used in Brighton and Hove between the mid 18th and late 19th centuries. Bungaroosh walls are common in the Regency style houses around the seafront area of the city.

Bungaroosh relates to materials such as whole and broken bricks, flint, cobblestones, pebbles, sand and pieces of wood mixed with hydraulic lime then set between wooden shuttering. Other supports such as brick piers or wooden lintels were then added where needed.

Although solid once set, if exposed to water as it can dissolve and move. If it dries out completely it can crumble away causing structural fragility. Although many have stood the test of time it is of vital importance that specialist, professional advice is sought when working on properties of this construction style.

Recently a home built of bungaroosh in Brighton partially collapsed during work which undermined the structural integrity of the property. Subsequently, the building contractor was jailed as he failed to act on the advice of a structural engineer.

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